John Keeton

John Keeton was born in 1815 in Cumberland County, Kentucky.  He died in 1892, as did his wife, Rebecca Cole Keeton.  They were buried in Sandy Cemetery.  The first Keeton forebear in America was John Keeton who settled in Albemarle Sound, Virginia in 1660.  The first Cole forebear in America was James Cole, who settled in Middlesex County, Virginia in 1700.  In the direct lineage, there has been a John Keeton alive in America for over 240 years.

The first family forebear in America, also named John Keeton, arrived in Virginia in 1641 with his brother William.  Both brothers served a five year indenture to Capt. William Hockaday for their payment of passage.  Both John and William served in the Virginia House of Burgess, of which John became a member in 1679.  At that time John declared himself to be Dutch, possibly a nationality that he assumed to insure that he could  find passage during the conflicts previous the English Civil War.


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